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Gilda Rita Hayworth Glenn Ford Film Noir Rare R-1950 3-sheet Linenbacked


3-Sheet (41 x 81 inch) Movie Poster from the 1950 re-release of the Charles Vidor Film Noir classic Gilda, starring Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford and George MacReady. This hard-to-find 3-sheet poster is virtually identical to the super-rare original 1946 poster with the exception of the date at the bottom. This poster has been archivally linenbacked […]

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GILDA Stunning Rita Hayworth Spanish 1 Sheet poster linen-backed filmartgallery


Original 1966 re-release Spanish 1 Sheet poster for the 1946 Charles Vidor film noir “Gilda” starring Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. Beautiful artwork of smoking hot Rita, courtesy of the great Spanish poster artist Francisco Fernandez Zarza-PĂ©rez, aka “Jano”. This classic film featured Rita’s iconic performance of “Put the Blame on Mame” and it’s her […]

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