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Godzilla vs Megalon original US 1-sheet movie poster famous Japanese monsters


In the immortal words of the almighty toga-touting Emperor Antonio, that toga-touting tyrant ruler of the Romanesque subaquatic land of Seatopia, wake up Megalon!! …. Come on Megalon rise up now to the earth’s surface…. And believe me I know because I heard him say it at least 10 times within a couple of weeks, […]

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Godzilla (Trans World, 1956). One Sheet (26.75 X 41) Very Fine Original Poster


Godzilla (Trans World, 1956). One Sheet Original Movie Poster (26.75″ X 41″). This giant monster film played on the world’s atomic fears and started a craze for massive Japanese monsters that are still in high demand today. Directed by Ishiro Honda, with special effects by Eiji Tsuburaya, the film was reworked for American audiences to […]

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Godzilla King of the monsters original TOHO 1 sheet Japanese poster


Godzilla King of the monsters Japanese B2 poster 20×28.5. In 1954 Toho studios introduced what was to become the longest running film series in history when it produced Godzilla in 1954 this initial version was never played outside of Japan. So there are numerous japanese copies of this initial print run. Track Page Views With. […]

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